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  y'know, whatever: The trend of webcomics
Posted on Monday, May 14 @ 18:55:01 MDT by TwoBuy
  I'm important I just sent epoch the comic today, so maybe another late update...  But make sure to blame epoch if it is late because it certainly couldn't have been my fault.

Here's an IM conversation I had with the spectacular Reva Sharp to tide you over.

TwoBuy says:
it seemed like a bad start of a year for webcomics actually
TwoBuy says:
aLp has been on hiatus, Milby stopped regular updates, synch is down, anger pauly ended, and I started updating again which has got to hurt webcomics as a whole
Reva says:
haha, i suppose.  it shall rise again, though.
Reva says:
besides, this year we have Captain Excelsior
TwoBuy says:
true.  Perhaps this downtrend will mark the year zach takes over the comic world.  Like how Scott Adams had to wait for Bill Waterson to retire and Charles Schulz to die.
Reva says:
but would that really be such a bad thing?
TwoBuy says:
no, it was great.  I hated Peanuts
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