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  I'm important The Comic: We're finally popular!

Woo! Our fine comic just made the big time... another web comic used our joke! Huzzah! Those fine scamps over at Bigger than Cheeses made a comic similar to one of our older ones. I'm sure they must have totally stolen the idea from me as nobody else could ever have made the connection between Jenga and 9/11 on their own. Also their's is funnier.
  Posted by RuoTwocone on Monday, August 20 @ 09:44:37 MDT (1408 reads)
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  I Hate Funny The Comic: More filler art!?

Indeed... Ruo has now gotten on the filler art bandwagon.  Of course before you laugh at my crappy artwork I want to remind you that I'm not really an artist.  So all of you pretentious artistic types can suck my balls.  Only if you don't like it though.  If you like it, please, feel free to suck my balls at your discretion.
  Posted by RuoTwocone on Friday, August 10 @ 17:49:33 MDT (821 reads)
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  I Hate Funny The Comic: Know what's great

Know what's great about this next piece of filler?  You're in it!
  Posted by TwoBuy on Thursday, July 19 @ 13:33:14 MDT (796 reads)
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  I Hate Funny The Comic: It's that time again

Well those of you on the SMBC forums already know my opinions on this, but TFD has been on fire lately.  Check it out if you haven't for a while.

Also, there's the part about more filler garbage being posted.  Consume!
  Posted by TwoBuy on Thursday, July 12 @ 18:28:56 MDT (820 reads)
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  I Hate Funny The Comic: Communication

I suppose it would have helped the schedule if I had actually told Ruo to post the filler while I was out of town.  Oh well, it's time to ride the Black & White Bullet.  It's Filler Time.
  Posted by TwoBuy on Tuesday, July 10 @ 18:37:05 MDT (725 reads)
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What best-man speech opening would you go with?

Before the bride left me for my best friend..
When two people are in love, and also today they..
Only a fool wouldn't not say this union won't last
After his first marriage, I knew the groom would..
I'll be quick so the bride can wolf down some cake
When the two lovebirds met at my bachelor party..
Shes never been more beautiful since the pregnancy


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