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  I'm important I Hate You: Champions of the F*in UNIVERSE

My soccer team is playing for 5th place in our league of 8 teams.  That would be three places higher than we placed last season and two higher than our best since joining this league!  AWESOME.  When I lead ANY team in goals, that team must inherently suck.

I also don't have a comic ready for today as expected.  I'll see what I can come up with for next week.

Oh, and I got 4th at the Judo tournament AFTER spraining my right elbow AND getting only 2 hours of sleep the night before!  I kick THAT much ass.  I guarentee a final three finish at my next tournament.  Take it to the bank... just like Wednesday updates.  Fuck yeah.
  Posted by TwoBuy on Wednesday, December 19 @ 17:24:34 MST (3142 reads)
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  I'm important I Hate You: Back for the Attack

Sorry for all the missed updates.  Hopefully this'll make up for it.  I posted the next TwoTopia.  I have a bunch more made, but not inked or scanned, and unfortunatally, they are out of order (I changed my mind on how to run the story).  I'll likely miss this Wednesday's update, but should make next week's.

As an apology, I've uploaded two new IHF comics!  That's right, I Hate Funny is actually a comic again.  This update = sports.  I'll probably move S&W to their own section later on, but only if I can find an artist willing to take it on again.

I'm off to my friend's birthday party today.  Then I'll have to be sober enough to hire a cab or take a bus downtown to meet my carpool.  I'm heading off to a Judo tournament in the morning.  Oh yeah, I guess maybe I haven't mentioned it, but Ruo and I both take Judo.  He doesn't ever go to the tournaments though cause he's too much of a pussy to get his ass kicked in public.  I do not have that fear however.

Also, sorry for the spelling mistakes, I'm writing this not in firefox = no built-in spell checker (and I'll be damned if I take another step).
  Posted by TwoBuy on Friday, December 14 @ 23:47:14 MST (3146 reads)
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  TwoTopia I Hate You: I guess maybe you should

  Posted by RuoTwocone on Thursday, November 08 @ 15:26:48 MST (3084 reads)
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  I'm important I Hate You: Twoday is awesome!

So Ruo and I just turned a quarter century.  I guess that makes me pretty old now.  Too old for filler?  NO WAY!

I did, however hear from our artist and learn that he has a new scanner already ordered and on the way.  So hopefully we will only have another filler or two before we go back to the comics.  I also will be getting a scanner as a belated birthday present.  I know because I'm gettting it from the coolest person in the world, ME!  So not only will we be getting the regular IHFs you've come to know and not read, but also another comic to not read that I've been working on for a few weeks now.

More on that after I scan some crap!
  Posted by TwoBuy on Monday, July 23 @ 19:40:01 MDT (1171 reads)
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  I'm important I Hate You: Mussings

Topping my list of things you never want to here coming from the stall next to you at the office men's room: crying.

Also, comic coming later tonight.  I have the scans from epoch and just need to color and word them.
  Posted by TwoBuy on Wednesday, March 14 @ 12:54:33 MDT (1138 reads)
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What best-man speech opening would you go with?

Before the bride left me for my best friend..
When two people are in love, and also today they..
Only a fool wouldn't not say this union won't last
After his first marriage, I knew the groom would..
I'll be quick so the bride can wolf down some cake
When the two lovebirds met at my bachelor party..
Shes never been more beautiful since the pregnancy


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