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  TwoTopia Two Topia: I guess I didn't

So I didn't scan those new TwoTopias yet.  I bought my first house last week which means I've been super busy with paperwork, and moving all my useless crap (including my scanner which is still in a moving box).  That makes me two weeks behind, so I'll post next Wednesday with three strips!  THREE!  Like I'm a god or something.

I've also been making weekly single-panels on my office-neighbor's whiteboard which I think I'll be making recreations of into another weekly strip.  Maybe I'll just take a picture instead.  Maybe under the IHF name again.  Maybe who knows.
  Posted by TwoBuy on Wednesday, November 21 @ 18:53:14 MST (3365 reads)
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  TwoTopia Two Topia: I guess I should make some more

So this is the last Two Topia I have inked and scanned.  There are some more drawn, but I'm not sure if they're even in the right order yet...  I suppose I need to get working on that.  Funny how when I started I thought five comics would be a near inexhaustible reserve for a weekly comic.  Back to the grind!
  Posted by TwoBuy on Wednesday, November 07 @ 16:27:30 MST (3200 reads)
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  TwoTopia Two Topia: This weeks comic may or may not have actually happened

Happy Halloween I guess. I'm not dressing up today though I did earlier in the week. Halloween is pretty hit-or-miss for me. No themed comic today like everyone else on the planet either. Deal with it fuckers.

Uh, I guess that's it. Wish me luck convicing my wife that I need a new computer (cause TF2 really chugs on the one I got).
  Posted by TwoBuy on Wednesday, October 31 @ 18:45:55 MDT (1375 reads)
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  TwoTopia Two Topia: Holy Donkey Shit Balls

Here I am on a Wednesday at work thinking, "there has to be something for me to do... Slashdot? Nope, nothing new.  APOD? Nope, same picture as this morning.  Holy donkey shit balls, it's Wednesday!  I can update my fucking comic!"

And so I did.  And now I'm bored again.
  Posted by TwoBuy on Wednesday, October 24 @ 13:53:49 MDT (1500 reads)
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  TwoTopia Two Topia: Two TwoTopias

Well. Because now there are two of them. Obviously. Also, here's some sweet art sent to me by the one and only Reva Sharp.

Invar Leah
  Posted by TwoBuy on Wednesday, October 17 @ 01:23:25 MDT (1238 reads)
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Before the bride left me for my best friend..
When two people are in love, and also today they..
Only a fool wouldn't not say this union won't last
After his first marriage, I knew the groom would..
I'll be quick so the bride can wolf down some cake
When the two lovebirds met at my bachelor party..
Shes never been more beautiful since the pregnancy


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