Back for the Attack
Date: Friday, December 14 @ 23:47:14 MST
Topic: I'm important

Sorry for all the missed updates.  Hopefully this'll make up for it.  I posted the next TwoTopia.  I have a bunch more made, but not inked or scanned, and unfortunatally, they are out of order (I changed my mind on how to run the story).  I'll likely miss this Wednesday's update, but should make next week's.

As an apology, I've uploaded two new IHF comics!  That's right, I Hate Funny is actually a comic again.  This update = sports.  I'll probably move S&W to their own section later on, but only if I can find an artist willing to take it on again.

I'm off to my friend's birthday party today.  Then I'll have to be sober enough to hire a cab or take a bus downtown to meet my carpool.  I'm heading off to a Judo tournament in the morning.  Oh yeah, I guess maybe I haven't mentioned it, but Ruo and I both take Judo.  He doesn't ever go to the tournaments though cause he's too much of a pussy to get his ass kicked in public.  I do not have that fear however.

Also, sorry for the spelling mistakes, I'm writing this not in firefox = no built-in spell checker (and I'll be damned if I take another step).

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