Twoday is awesome!
Date: Monday, July 23 @ 19:40:01 MDT
Topic: I'm important

So Ruo and I just turned a quarter century.  I guess that makes me pretty old now.  Too old for filler?  NO WAY!

I did, however hear from our artist and learn that he has a new scanner already ordered and on the way.  So hopefully we will only have another filler or two before we go back to the comics.  I also will be getting a scanner as a belated birthday present.  I know because I'm gettting it from the coolest person in the world, ME!  So not only will we be getting the regular IHFs you've come to know and not read, but also another comic to not read that I've been working on for a few weeks now.

More on that after I scan some crap!

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